At the beginning of September, we will begin our recruiting process for associate editors (the club’s entry-level role). Look out for more details on this page, at Ross Meet the Clubs (9/12 4-6pm in the Winter Garden), and via email.

We recruit new associate editors in the beginning weeks of the Fall and Winter semesters. We always are looking for graphic design help for our covers. If you have a creative idea for a cover, let us know!

Membership is not limited to Ross students; undergraduate students from any college at the University of Michigan are encouraged to apply.

The recruiting process starts with a brief application including a resume drop. Members of the executive board review applications, and depending on the competitiveness of the application season, there may be interviews with the editor-in-chief. Come talk to us at Ross Meet the Clubs, attend our mass meeting (details to be announced shortly), or email us at a to learn more.

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