Volume 10 Issue 1 (cover)  
December 2016

TJ Ragsdale
  Animal Spirits: The Analysis of Fundamental Speculation
Rizwan M. Syed
  Forecasting Gold Prices Using U.S. Macroeconomic Indicators
Tajano N. Minnis
  An Analysis of Financial Risk Tolerance in the Bahamian Labor Force

Volume 9 Issue 1 (cover)  
December 2015

Salvatore Calvo
  Funding Characteristics of An Established Crowdfunding Platform
Yipeng Han, Shun Li, Kexin Zhang
  The Currency Exchange Rate between the U.S. and China
Daniele Caratelli
  Breaking the Eurozone: What are the Consequences?

Volume 8 Issue 1 (cover)  
January 2015

David Lorenz
  Predicting the Financial Benefit from Relocating Struggling NHL Franchises to High-Demand Markets

Volume 7 Issue 1 (cover)  
January 2014

Ben Southgate
  LOOP and the Internet Marketplace
Sarah Mac Dougall
  Legal Structures and the Informal Economy in Sub-Saharan Africa
Michael Reher
  Do de novo Secondary Markets Affect Primary Market Interest Rates? A Case Study of Peer-to-Peer Lending

Volume 6 Issue 2 (cover)  
September 2013

Emanuel John Borg, Emily Kalish, and Thomas Meyer
  Solar Energy Incentives: Gauging the Investment Climate and Chasing Grid Parity
Tiansheng Guo
  The Effect of Round Number Bias in U.S. and Chinese Stock Markets
Sana Rafiq
  The Effect of Microfinance on Human Capital Formation: Evidence from Rural Thailand

Volume 6 Issue 1 (cover)  
January 2013

Maxwell A. Frost
  An Empirical Analysis of the Liquidity and Tax Disadvantage of TIPS and Their Effect on Treasury Borrowing Costs
Khanh P. Ngo
  Benefits, Costs, and Feasibility of a Monetary Union for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)
Jayoung Jeon and Luxuan Jiao
  The Influence Effect of Critics' Reviews on Foreign and Domestic Movies

Volume 5 Issue 2 (cover)  
September 2012

Steven M. Wu
  The "Southwest Effect" Revisited: An Empirical Analysis of the Effects of Southwest Airlines and JetBlue Airways on Incumbent Airlines from 1993 to 2009
Ludwig Chincarini, Alex Etzkowitz, and Jonathan Kadish
  The Effects of Laddering and Spinning in Underwriter Manipulation of IPOs
Anita Mehrotra
  To Host or Not to Host? A Comparison Study on the Long-Run Impact of the Olympic Games

Volume 5 Issue 1 (cover)  
January 2012

Nicholas Barnett
  Learning from History: Examining Yield Spreads as a Predictor of Real Economic Activity
Anna Ivashko
  Using a Country's Advantage in the European Union: A Study of Evolving Trade Structure in Eastern Europe
Frederick Schneider
  The Effect of China's Exchange Rate Policy on U.S. Textile Imports

Volume 4 Issue 2 (cover)  
April 2011

Moises Numa
  The Feasibility of a Monetary Union in MERCOSUR
Joshua Klein Lipman
  Law of Yuan Price: Estimating Equilibrium of the Renminbi
Christos Makridis
  A Multi-Criterion Model for Evaluating the Efficiency of Solar Energy Incentives
Yael Gilboa and Xiaoyu Guo
  Real Option Analysis of a Large-scale Space Solar Power Venture

Volume 4 Issue 1 (cover)  
January 2011

Chul-Kyu Kim
  The Effects of Natural Disasters On Long-Run Economic Growth
Mitra Akhtari
  Reassessment of the Weather Effect: Stock Prices and Wall Street Weather
Bilkan Erkmen
  On Life Settlement Pricing
Gregory Videen
  Effects of Green Business on Firm Value

Volume 3 Issue 2 (cover)  
April 2010

Daniela Erler
  Islamic Finance: Complement or Substitute? An Empirical Analysis
Benjamin Mandel
  Dependencia Revisited: Financial Liberization and Inequality in Latin America
Thomas Newell
  Development and Neighborhood Revitalization: The Effects of Residential Investment on Property Values in Durham, NC
Chirag Shah
  Hedging the World: Assessing the Performance of Dynamically Hedged Long-Short Equity Investments

Volume 3 Issue 1 (cover)  
January 2010

Cecil Y. Ang
  Cash is King:
Financing the Innovation-Productivity Link at Firm Level
Rafi Chaudhury
  A Dual-Model Approach to Measuring Income Convergence
Sustainability in European and Asian Emerging Economies
Jonathan S. Park
  Are Wall Street CEO Compensations a Complete Nonsense?
A Comparison Study with Nonfinancial Industry
Benjamin S. Solarz
  Stock Picking in Disguise?
New Evidence that Hedge Fund Activism Adds Value

Volume 2 Issue 2 (cover)  
April 2009

Ritadhi Chakravarti
  An Empirical Analysis of Investment
Determinants in Indian States: 1998-2006
Cecil Y. Ang
  Value-Adding Designs and the Efficiency
Augmented Solow Growth Model
Ryan Krause
  Does “Long-Term Compensation” Make CEOs
Think Long-Term? A Study of CEO Compensation
in the Commercial Banking Industry
Rafi Chaudhury
  Feasibility and Implications of a Monetary
Union in Southeast Asia

Volume 2 Issue 1 (cover)  
January 2009

Trevor G. Dobson
  Cooperation and Friendship Choice Heuristics in Dynamic Local Interaction Networks
Shefali Patil
  Perceptions of Female Managers in Male- Dominated Industries: Effects of Gender Rarity, Performance, and Diversity Justification
Michael Sampson-Akpuru
  Is CEO/Chair Duality Associated with Greater Likelihood of an International Acquisition?
Paul Cervantes
  Sarbanes-Oxley and the Outsourcing of Accounting

Volume 1 Issue 2 (cover)  
April 2008

Danny McGowan
  Has the Euro Increased Trade?
Geoffrey (Kok Heng) See
  The Coming Chinese Century: Boon or Bane for Southeast Asia?
Diana Trebino
  Greater Equivalency of High School Equivalents? A Study of GEDs and Their Effect on Labor Market Status
Serginio Sylvain
  The Effects of Excise Tax on Cigarette Consumption: A Divergence in the Behavior of Youth and Adults

Volume 1 Issue 1 (cover)  
January 2008

Shreyans Parekh
  The Crisis and Emancipation of the Modern Corporate Executive: How the Bhagavad Gita reinforces Edward Freeman’s Stakeholder Theory
John R. Watkins, Jr.
  Drive for Show, Putt for Dough: Rates of Return to Golf Skills, Events Played, and Age on the PGA Tour
Larissa Marco
  Determinants of New York City Residential Rental Prices
Zachary A. Pollinger
  Counterfeit Goods and Their Potential
Financing of International Terrorism



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