Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I submit a paper?
Exceptional work by undergraduate students, done for class or for independent research, often goes unnoticed. By encouraging students to pursue their passions, the Michigan Journal of Business provides an incentive for students to write papers, empowering them to share their knowledge with others. The call for papers spans the globe and will generate submissions from the most prestigious academic institutions worldwide. Having your paper published is personally rewarding and beneficial for professional and academic careers, especially for those who want to attend graduate/professional schools.

What type of papers are requested?
The Michigan Journal of Business seeks to publish papers relating to business, broadly defined. This means that papers written in relations to Accounting, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Management, Operations Management, Information Systems, Business Law, Corporate Ethics, and Public Policy all qualify for submission. We do seek papers that are research-oriented–your paper should have something new, in terms of content or in terms of analysis, to offer to the academic world. We also encourage students to use an interdisciplinary approach to analyzing a topic, which often yields interesting and novel papers.

What is the maximum length?
We do not strictly enforce a page limit, though we strongly suggest authors to use space wisely. Our guidelines suggest a maximum paper length of 50 pages double-spaced, but we do not encourage authors to shrink their papers at the risk of undermining the value of their work.

Will the Journal be available electronically or by hard-copy?
The journal will be available both electronically and as a hard-copy. All authors whose papers are selected will receive a complementary copy of the Journal. Hard-copies of the journal will be distributed to top academic institutions around the world, and will be available for purchase (more information will be available soon).

What if I cannot meet the submission deadline?
The Michigan Journal publishes semi-annually and considers papers on a rolling basis, meaning that you will have the opportunity to submit papers at anytime during the year. However, in order to be considered for the current issue, you must submit by the deadline date listed. If you miss the deadline, you can still submit your paper for consideration in the following issue.

How can I join the Editorial Board?
You must be an undergraduate student enrolled in the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor to become a board member. Currently, there are no board positions available.

Are there any specific guidelines for submissions?
See for specific guidelines. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.



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